Count and size objects automatically.
Update results every second.



Swordfish software records images from the camera at the rate of up to 16 frames per second, reconstructs them and then detects and counts particles within a volume of water. It automatically counts, images and analyzes particles in water from 1 micron to 2 millimeters in size. The particle size distributions can be obtained for the measured particle populations.

The Swordfish software can:
– Detect and measure microorganisms such as algae or zooplankton within the water column
– Detect particular matter and floc
– Detect oil and gas bubbles
– Detect particles in the industrial solutions, in food or pharmaceutical applications



Image based rapid particle detection up to 16 frames per second

Larger Sample Volume
Detect more particles than with traditional microscopy

Fast towing
Laser strobe duration down to 500 ns (on supported instruments) allows recording at towing speeds up to 4 knots

More Control
Advanced particle detection criteria, including size, intensity, threshold and shape (round & non-round)

Better Remediation
Exclusively detect oil droplets and gas bubbles in water

Open data formats allowing exchange of information

Sample Rate Choices
Produce particle size distributions at sample rates from 1 second to 1 hour.


Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit or newer

Operating modes:
Live Reconstruction
– Reconstruction rate: up to 16 fps (2048 x 2048 pixels hologram)

Particle Counting:
Particle detection
– Automatically detect, count and measure particles
– Particle size limits, threshold can be set
– Sampling rate – 1 second – 1 hour
Round/non round particle detection
– Detect round particles, such as oil droplets or gas bubbles in water

Analysis Results:
Particle population data
Min, max, mean of the particles in the population, median, mode, D10, D90 of histogram, standard deviation, number of particles detected
Particle size or volume distribution
Linear particle size/volume/D[4,3] distribution plots
Time plots

Data compatibility:
Save particle data to NetCDF-4 format. Analysis results are exported to MS Excel and CSV formats

Camera configuration:
Image size: 2048 x 2048, 16 fps
Remote camera control via TCP/IP networks with Remote Control Utility