designed for remotely running
4Deep Submersible Microscopes.



The Autonomous Unit allows the user to power the microscope and store image data in deployments where direct connection to the computer is not available


Autonomous Recordings
Allows for the autonomous recording of holograms when connected to the Submersible microscope. Contains battery and 250 GiB SSD (can be expanded in custom configurations) to support hours of data storage

Autonomous module can be controlled via fiberoptic connection, or pre-programmed to perform the recordings at specific times and intervals

Connect Remotely
Contains gigabit single mode fiberoptic connection that allow you to control microscope remotely from miles away, download holograms or previews to the host computer

Deployment Versatility
Can be deployed together with Submersible Microscope
Can be placed on a vertical profiler
Can be deployed on an AUV

Go Deeper
Deployment depth down to 2000 meters

Depth and time stamped data
With a Pressure sensor as the newest feature, all data (holograms) filenames contain both the time set on the Autonomous, as well as the pressure in dbar, giving the user quick and easy access to ancillary data.



10 Ah sealed lead-acid. Up to 5.5h of autonomous recording on a single charge

Standard 250 GiB solid state SATA drive. Can be expanded in custom configurations

Quad-core Atom-based, 4 GiB of RAM

Data transfer:
Gigabit fiberoptic Ethernet port available to transfer data from the Autonomous Unit to an external computer

Autonomous Control software for microscope control, data downloads. Octopus, Swordfish and Stingray for post-recording analysis

Mass and Dimensions:
27 kg (air)
L x W = 711 mm x 183 mm


Record up to 5.5 hours of data per charge

Recording space:
250 GiB of disk space is enough to store ~60,000 holograms. Total recording time depends on the frame rate selected

Data transfer speed:
Gigabit fiberoptic connection for fast download of previews and holograms to the shore for review and data analysis

Power Requirement

120/240 VAC to 12 VDC adapter/battery charger (supplied)