FilterScan: An Automatic Filter Scanning Microscope

The FilterScan identifies yeast cells on membrane filters in minutes, eliminating the need for time-costly incubations.



The FilterScan scans for yeast on a membrane filter, providing quality assurance data faster than any other method.

Direct imaging with the FilterScan counts every particle on a membrane filter – including viable but non-colony producing yeast – greatly increasing the accuracy of the quality assurance tests.

The FilterScan system eliminates the need for lengthy filter incubation and colony counting, providing critical results in a matter of  minutes, instead of days.


Ensure that the bottling facility is optimized to peak performance, and that the filtered product is not contaminated, ensuring the wine quality and reducing the chance of recall.

Detect the presence of yeast on the membrane filter in minutes, not days.

Detect all yeast cells, including viable, but non-colony producing yeast, reducing the chance of a false-negative result.

Images are classified automatically and accurately, separating yeast from other particles. Clear images of yeast cells allows user to confirm the results.

Fully automated test with no complicated sample preparation, eliminating the need for filter incubation, without sacrificing test accuracy.

Low costs
No expensive consumables. No expensive chemicals.

Data Logging
Easily share data with reports automatically generated for each scan, saved in Microsoft Excel.



Measurement technique:
Digital inline holographic microscopy in transmission

Light source:
Single source, 405 nm

Sample stage:
Automated two-axis with 120 mm of travel, controlled via USB connection

PC with Intel Core 7, NVIDIA GeForce or better graphics accelerator card

Data transfer:
Gigabit Ethernet port required in the host computer

HoloScan software (included)

Operating system:
Windows 10, 64-bit

Filter size:
25mm diameter

Sample tray:
4 x 25mm filters can be loaded in the FilterScan at once

Dimensions & Weight

L x D x H: 406 mm x 391 mm x 348 mm, 25.3 kg


<0.6 μm

Spatial sampling:
2048 x 2048 pixels (hologram)

Particle classification:
Accurate, automatic cell identification based on deep neural network classification

Power Requirement

Input voltage:
Stage: 48V / 3.47A
Camera System: 12V / 3A

Power requirements:
2 x 120VAC

HoloScan software

Examples of the HoloScan software operation are shown here:

The large circle represents the filter, and each square represents one field of view image of the filter being scanned. The green squares represent the images already collected, and the white are yet to be scanned. You can see locations of yeast and suspected yeast detected on the filter.

Here the scan is complete, and user-defined detection limit has not been reached. The HoloScan software has marked the filter as clean. An Excel report is automatically saved at the end of the scan with complete analysis results.

Results from the automated classification of the particles detected on the filter. Yeast cells were accurately detected by our custom image classifier.