Harmful Algae Bloom
(HAB) Monitoring

4Deep Submersible microscopes offer real time imaging of phytoplankton, with image quality and resolution that allows for identification of potential problems. The microscope can be deployed quickly from a small craft or from shore, and integrated into buoy monitoring systems.

Monitor coastal regions for red tide species and give accurate warnings to the shellfish industry with real time, in-situ microscopic analysis. Maintain population counts of algae in waterways, sources and reservoirs using the Submersible microscope and the software packages, Swordfish and Octopus.

Algae Biofuel

Instant imaging of algae populations are easily done with the Submersible microscope. The microscope is lightweight, rugged and can be deployed by hand into ponds and vats, or plumbed permanently into closed systems. The Swordfish software can accurately maintain population counts over time, and measure cell size distributions. Using the Desktop microscope and Octopus software, images and data from the Submersible can be verified with collected water samples.