Sampling with Stella Bowles

Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a day in beautiful Lunenberg county with an inspiring young woman.

Stella Bowles is a 13-year-old environmentalist. On a sunny Tuesday in late August, I met Stella, her mother Andrea, her younger brother William, and her science advisor Dr. David Maxwell.

For those who don’t know, Stella started sampling the river outside her house, the LeHave River, as a science project. You’ll want to follow her project here on Facebook:

Encouraged by the work she’s doing, we reached out to demonstrate our HoloSea (a submersible holographic microscope) to sample the water in-situ (ie sampling in the water, there’s no need to collect a sample and look at it under a desktop microscope) and expose the young scientist to a new technology.

We sampled at two locations in the LeHave River, as well as a sample in Lunenberg Harbour.

Here are a few images from our sampling:

It was such an honour to meet Stella, Andrea, William and Dr. Maxwell, and we at 4Deep cannot wait to see what Stella will do next.

– Candace