4 Deep | Submersible Underwater Microscopy
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Microscopy for the bigger picture.
Inwater Holographic Microscope Systems.
Real-time, in-situ observation of particles and micro-organisms in all aquatic environments.
Image courtesy of NASA
System Components

Submersible Microscope

Submersible Microscope
  • Real time imaging
  • Large imaging volume
  • Full depth of field through volume
  • Rapid image acquisition
  • Simple, rugged design
  • No moving parts
  • Small and lightweight
  • Deploy from buoy, ROV, AUV, vessel
  • Deploy to 6,000 m depth (custom models)

Desktop Microscope

Desktop Microscope
  • In-situ observation
  • Automatic cell counting
  • No staining or prep
  • 0.5 µm resolution
  • Variable numerical aperture
  • X–Y–Z translation stage

Cuvette Microscope

Cuvette Microscope
  • Instantaneous water sampling
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Standard cuvette 12 x 12 x 45 mm
  • Compatible with all software
  • 2 micron resolution
  • Biomedical applications
    e.g. urine testing

Patented Software

Patented Software
  • Collect / reconstruct full size holograms at 16 frames per second.
  • 4D analysis of holograms in volume and time
  • Open data formats
  • Particles and microorganisms can be detected, sized, counted and characterized automatically.
∞ better technology
The most powerful microscopy system available.
lag time real-time data
times more spatial resolution
times faster image acquisition
times faster hologram reconstruction
Holographic Microscopy



Our microscopes use a laser (A) and camera (B) to image, count, size and characterize objects in any body of water within the sample area (C).


Resolution extends to objects as small as 0.5 µm and as large as 3 mm.


Our software generates live 3D & 4D holograms (D).

4Deep Microscopy

4Deep Microscopy


Conventional Microscopy

Conventional Microscopy
Narrow focal plane
Staining and prep required
Constrains objects to plane

Holographic Microscopy

Holographic Microscopy
Everything in field of view is in focus.
No staining or prep
Capture movement of objects in 3D.